What is the Blockchain? How Does it Work? And How Can We Use It to Learn More About bitcoins?

If you have heard about the new internet money system called bitcoins, but are unsure of what it is, you just came across the right article. Bitcoins is a revolutionary online money system, without a single central administrator or regulator, which is transmitted from user to user via peer to peer internet based network without any intermediary. There are three layers in the system and they are known as the wallet, the hosting provider and the network itself. The most secure part of bitcoins is its storage. It is stored in the form of digital wallets which are kept safe and protected by specialized software.


The first layer in bitcoins is the bitcoin client, which is installed on your computer to receive, transfer and verify the transactions. The bitcoins you receive are enciphered into an unencrypted public ledger called the block chain. The way it works is that anyone can access the public ledger anytime they want by logging on to the bitcoin server and making transactions. Transactions are managed and checked by a network of specially designed nodes which are connected to each other. The bitcoin system validates and verifies all the transactions performed in the network and checks for any irregularities.

Transactions are recorded in the block chain and the transaction record is publicly viewable by anybody. The bitcoin network is one of the many pseudo systems that uses cryptographic techniques to secure data and communications. The biggest problem with the bitcoins system is that it was vulnerable to a hacking attack called the bitcoin Maidstone scandal. The scandal refers to the unauthorized accessing of the bitcoin private keys, resulting in malwares being spread among users.

One of the distinct features of bitcoins is that it is not like any other Cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional cryptocurrences like currencies, commodities and assets, the properties of bitcoins make it different. The only thing similar about the bitcoins system is the fact that it works by generating a pseudo economic virtual currency called satoshi. This is unlike most cryptoccurrences where a unit of currency is issued and is convertible into another. The way bitcoins functions is that it is a form of digital asset that is managed by an entity called the bitcoin machine.

The machine, also called the bitcoin miner, runs continuously twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year without stopping. It processes all transactions that are performed in the global network. In the past, miners were rented by companies and individuals. Today, you can pay for this service using either coins or cash.

Transactions are managed and confirmed by the network itself. There is no third party involved in this process. All transactions are managed by the network and nobody else. There are no large networks of transaction processors like the e-blocks in e-gold or the testnets in the java virtual machine, just a few private key servers acting as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers of currencies and assets.

To start using bitcoins, you first need to get a private key. You will need to create this with your private key generator. Your private keys allow you to spend only according to the agreed conditions of the contract you make with the bitcoin exchanges. These conditions usually include a set of rules that the exchanges must follow to accept and process your transactions. They will either accept it as is or perform additional validation before the transactions are released to the public.

The blocks in the bitcoin mining process are also referred to as the headers of the transactions. These are important records that provide information to the rest of the nodes in the chain. These transactions are then processed into blocks in the public ledger of the Bitcoin network. The headers are constantly updated by the miners and these block of transactions are constantly referenced by other miners so that no double entry takes place.